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At Brasa Belgium we work with an eletronic registration system.

Step 1
You start your registration by making a profile on Jitshare.
You will see the following message on your screen “This Academy currently hasn’t posted any memberships”. Just ignore it 🙂 Your profile has been made. We add the memberships manually.

Step 2
After you made your Jitshare-profile, pay your Yearly Insurance Fee of 50 euro. The Yearly Insurance Fee is required for all members. It covers your administration, electronic check-in, sports-insurance and your spot at the seminar of Felipe Costa for one year. You can pay by banktransfer on the following account or cash at the gym. Payments through Jitshare are not possible.

VZW BJJ Academy Leuven
Bank nr AXA rekening
Iban: BE63 7512 0909 0008
Bic code: AXABBE22

Step 3                                                                  Select your desired membership plan. You can pay by banktransfer on the following account or cash at the gym:

Wim Deputter 
Bank nr AXA rekening
Iban: BE81 7512 0870 3624
Bic code: AXABBE22

Step 4
After you paid your insurance fee and your membership by banktransfer, send a proof of payment (screenshot) to info@brasateam.be.

Welcome! You are now a member of Brasa Belgium – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and ready to join us on our journey in the amazing world of Jiu Jitsu 🙂

*Please note that the student rates only apply to people who have a valid student-card.
Children rates apply until the age of 16.

**Syblings inscribed in our gym?
Talk to us for special discounts.

***Yoga and Capoeira Kids are a separate inscription as they are not taught by Brasa Belgium, only hosted in our gym. Mail for more info. We do have a discount for our members for these classes.


Year (12 months) 550€ 450€ 250€
Semester (6months) 350€ 300€ /
Trimester (3 months) 200€ 175€ /
10 classes 125€ 100€ /
Single class 20€ 15€ 10€
Yearly Sports Insurance (Obliged) 50€ 50€ 50€
Yoga 10 Classes 100€ / 90€ 80€ / 70€ /

Privates and seminars

Any questions regarding booking an instructor for a private class or a seminar?